Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

 The average out cost of a jewelry dealer diamond engagement ring is between $3,500 and $4,000. Here’s a few advice so that you'll be able to buy a diamond engagement ring without breaking the bank.

It’s true that diamonds are a cherished trade goods and that they may increment in value extra time, but severely, no one should be buying an engagement ring as aside to diversify their portfolio. Diamond engagement rings shouldn’t be a couple’s emergency relief fund, so focus your finances on the present and entertain the diamond’s price today.

Relationship statistics show that more half of men surprise their beloved with a diamond engagement ring on their proposal. By adding her along to the check into rings, you'll be able to get a better picture of the finances behindhand the ring and you’ll know that she will get the engagement ring she truly wants.

There are two major brokers which contribute to the cost of a diamond: a scoring system* called the “Four Cs” and whether or not the Certified GIA Diamonds. The Four Cs refers to the diamond’s color, cut, clarity, and carat size. As a cosmopolitan rule, as a diamond additions in size and clarity, and decreases in color, the price of the diamond rises. Diamonds that are ASG/GIA certified are also more expensive.
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Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring
Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring
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